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Rod of Iron Patriot Course

7-week ZOOM class

Mission Statement

To equip 2nd Amendment Christians with the tools and training that enable Patriots to grow closer to God while defending America’s founding principles.

What is a Rod of Iron Patriot?

A Rod of Iron Patriot is a 2nd Amendment Christian committed to grow closer to God every day, living a prepared lifestyle and who is ready to defend their family, community, and country. A Rod of Iron Patriot lives a Godly lifestyle devoted to establishing, building, and protecting God’s Kingdom on earth.

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Precision Shooting Class With Jerry Heying

Jerry is a Certified Protection Professional and Personal Protection Specialist with 40 plus years protection experience, owns and operates the International Protection Group that provides professional Protector/Bodyguards to Multi-Billionaires and Celebrities and owns the Executive Protection Institute recognized as one of the top bodyguard training schools in the world since 1978. He is a highly recognized Protection and Firearms Instructor and he will share some professional tactics and secrets to protect yourself and your loved ones like a pro!