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Rod of Iron Patriot Course

7-week ZOOM class

Are you ready to defend the Constitution and the Bill of Right of this great nation? America needs strong Patriots to stand up for Freedom & Liberty and stop the moral decline of America… are you ready to join the movement? If so, sign up for the Rod of Iron Patriot class.

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Thank you for signing up for a "Rod of Iron Patriot" course as a student. We look forward to working together with you.

At the present time, we are in the process of training Instructors. Be assured that a Rod of Iron Patriot instructor will be reaching out to you in August or September to schedule a class.

If you have any questions you can reach us at info@rodofironministries.orgIf you are interested in becoming an instructor click here:
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Precision Shooting Class With Jerry Heying

Firearms Instructor Jerry Heying with 40 years’ experience will first present an exciting PowerPoint presentation in the classroom, conduct an eye dominance test on each student, and then conduct a range exercise with students working on shooting one-hole groups! Learn the secret of “super focus,” entering in to a “zone,” and “trigger compression” (verses trigger pull).

Home Defense Shotgun Program

Choose between June 27 or July 18 for your class date
Class is 12:30 to 4:30p on Saturday / No lunch

You can bring your own shotgun and ammo, or you can use ours, and we will have .410 and 20-gauge and 12-gauge shotguns to use. We will also have low velocity ammo available. We will shoot targets at different distances, multiple targets, and from behind a barricade.
Cost is only $50 (using your own ammo-about 50-100 rounds) $70 using our ammo. Class is limited to 16 people.

The Executive Protection Institute (EPI) is proud to support the Freedom Festivals encouragement of Freedom and the right to self defense by offering our Home Defense Shotgun program at Kahr Arms.

This is perfect for Men, Woman, and Young Adults to learn about the advantages of the shotgun for home defense. It is especially good for those who have had no formal training in how to shoot the shotgun, and those who may have an apprehension of it. We will ease your mind and you will become comfortable and enjoy shooting the shotgun.

The classroom portion will cover safety (always!), types of shotguns and types of ammo and how they function, shotgun marksmanship fundaments, and defensive home positions to protect yourself and your loved ones.

At the range, we will go over in a slow and safe manner, how to safely carry a shotgun, loading and unloading, low and high ready positions, how to properly shoulder the shotgun, techniques to minimize recoil, and how to shoot from behind cover.