Evil in Christ's Millennial Reign

The 2nd Amendment Shall not be infringed

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Deep State's War on America

Interview with Dr. Jerome Corsi, InfoWars Washington DC, Bureau Chief

Leftists Afraid of Gene Death by Alpha Males & Females

Beta leftists are afraid of "Gene Death" because they can't compete for alpha males & females

A Call to All Christians: Take up your Crown and Rod of Iron

Rev. Sean Moon speaks on the importance of Patriots and Alpha Christians to stand up now!

Evil in Christ's Millennial Reign

According to Revelation 20 Evil will still exist during Christ's Millennial Reign


2nd Amendment of the Constitution SHALL not be infringed

It is a Universal Right

2nd Amendment is a Universal Right

Interview with Larry Pratt

Larry speaks on gun control, the Bible, and history.

I would urge people to get a copy! An excellent apologetic for the 2nd Amendment. A handbook for dealing with some of the big mistakes people make when talking about the 2nd Amendment, self-defense and limiting the power of government. An excellent compilation of some of the major 2nd Amendment topics we need to have at our fingertips! More...
Larry Pratt, HostGun Owner’s News Hour Radio on GCN

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