The Real Anthony Fauci

William Brunhofer

William Brunhofer

DM in in Religious Ed., New York Theological Seminary


By William Brunhofer

Former Assistant Professor, Unification TheologicalSeminary

 Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. writes in the introduction to his richly documented and scientific critique of the state of Public Health in theUS, “The Real Anthony Fauci: Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and the Global War onDemocracy and Public Health:” “I wrote this book so that Americans can understand Dr. Fauci’s pernicious role in allowing pharmaceutical companies to dominate our government and subvert our democracy, and to chronicle the key role Dr. Fauci has played in the current coup d’état against democracy.”
           “Liberal democracies collapsed worldwide,” he says, as government regulators, social media, and mainstream media who once upon a time championed freedom of speech, healthcare, democracy, human rights, and evidence-based public policy, pivoted together to assault free speech and personal freedoms.  And suddenly many trusted institutions joined hands to generate fear, push obedience and herd 7 billion people of the planet to “march to a single tune, culminating in mass public health experiments with novel, shoddily tested, and improperly licensed technology so risky that manufacturers refused to produce it unless every government on Earth shielded them from liability.”  
             What he describes “can seem overwhelming and dispiriting,” truly a forced-vaccine campaign and other cruel actions characterized by arbitrary decrees and science-free medicine.   But citizens have a choice to say, no, Kennedy writes.   It is not too late.  They can fight for respect, a role to play and seat at the table for ‘front-line doctors’ and early treatment with medicines proven effective in stopping Covid in its tracks like hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin, which, if they had not been bashed and banished by hospitals and pharmacies across the US, may have likely saved tens of thousands and perhaps hundreds of thousands of lives based on performance worldwide; and exposing the well-established toxicity of drugs like remdesivir pushed by Fauci, hospital physicians, and Big Pharma.
           "TheReal Anthony Fauci" cannot be read without asking HOW did a Big Pharma , Media, and Government cabal get their hands on so much power using the name of"science" to initiate a grand anti-science and anti-truth campaign devastating human prospects for growth at every level?   And this work, reveals a great worldwide battle of what we may rightly call, a battle of LastDays proportions between what is true and what is false.   And how did the campaign with an aggressive and compliant media, designed to make this cabal, the depository of all scientific knowledge and all truth?   In painstaking detail, Kennedy shows that an oligarchy of leaders in Pharma, Government andMedia execute their plan to centralize power and create a New World Order, the Gates/Fauci Globalist Dream.  
           Kennedy then goes on to painstakingly detail Fauci’s exploits as head of the NIAID for more than 40 years looking at how tragically he has mismanaged the CV19pandemic using as his template, one he developed in the mid-eighties during the so-called HIV pandemic. Using his chosen treatment drug of choice, the “toxic concoction” known as AZT, Fauci pioneered and perfected the retinue of corrupt, deceitful, and bullying practices and strategies, “he would call upon again and again of his career while ignoring the explosion of allergies and other chronic diseases afflicting more than 50% of Americans today.”
           And this template Fauci used as he led the “NIAID’s barbaric and illegal experiments on orphaned children in New York at Staten Island, Massachusetts, and LA, , as well as impoverished American Indians and Blacks in the Caribbean, and beyond the US to the African continent upon Black children in Cameroon.  Thus, he continued the long train of abuses begun by the Public Health Service, the predecessor of the Health and Human Services Agency (HHS) and “repugnant experiments on vulnerable subjects, targeting imprisoned convicts, institutionalized adults with intellectual disabilities, and orphaned children.
           As of 2017there were 69 mandated doses of 16 vaccines for America’s children none of which has ever been tested for safety against placebos prior to licensing,”according to Kennedy in his complaint to HHS, prompting a White House refereed meeting with Fauci and two other Public Health government agency leaders, who insisted these vaccines had been all safety tested. Ten months following this meeting and after a FOIA lawsuit, Fauci admitted that none of the mandated childhood vaccines had been safety tested.  So, no one knows the risks of these vaccines, yet they were dumped upon those populations of the world least able to defend themselves from this abuse.       
      Citing that, despite experience with deadly infectious disease epidemics during theRevolutionary War, the Founders decided not to include a “pandemic exception to the United States Constitution.” Yet, this latest Covid19 world-wide outbreak was used as a pretext for a host of new exceptions to our constitution.  How was that possible?  First, the use of the well-established “medical-industrial complex” aided by the willing and prepared mass-media companies, and further enabled by “captured regulators” among other state and federal government leadership up into theExecutive Branch. And next, create a “new reality” that the Covid19 outbreak is a“fight to the death” creating a crisis promoted to scare the public into moving like a herd of cattle accustomed and trained to go wherever they are told without any further need for facts or reason.  COVID becomes the rationale to explain everything.  And any dissent, disagreement or suggestion of alternative approaches was punished, censored, cancelled as a ‘threat’ to the lives of every group, society, and human existence itself.
           During these two years of COVID19 negatively dominating much of the lives and livelihoods of the citizens of the planet, remarkably, the Director of CDC, Dr. Fauci who directs NIAID, and the WHO have acknowledged that the “vaccines” cannot stop transmission.  Indeed, three weeks after documented reports from around the world that up to 60% of deaths reputed to be from Covid infection were from among the vaccinated, thePresident of the United States told Americans that those who had died were all“fully immunized.”  Then, stunningly, hesitated that vaccines can be taken with “certainty” that the vaccinate d are“protected from COVID and cannot pass it to you.”  And just as surprisingly, not one reporter challenged this clear and public contradiction and lie to the people.
             But we have a choice, says RFK, Jr. It is up to the citizens of this and every other country.  Ordinary people “can rescue us from tyranny.”  We can say NO to forced testing, vaccinations, masks, and that if we call upon“our moral courage, we can stop this march towards a global police state.” “We can no longer ‘trust the experts’ or follow their warped version of science ...  or participate in forced medical procedures.”
           And what else can be done?  Critics propose that citizens insist Congress act to reform and restructure the national Public Health bureaucracy rewriting the legislation which has created these many agencies. If we have learned anything, they say, it is that Public Health in the United States cannot be placed in the hands of any single individual, likeAnthony Fauci, agency or group of Federal agencies ,nor the Chief Executive.  It must be decentralized and placed where it belongs in this Republic, in the hands of the people and states with theFederal government providing support and coordination in national emergencies.  No power to declare ‘national emergency’ must ever be unilaterally possessed by the FederalGovernment.  Only our representatives gathered in emergency sessions, can endorse, and then regularly debate and monitor any sustained states of emergency.  
           And let us further, it is proposed, ensure that all the Federal agency leadership at FDA,NIH, CDC, NIAID, and other Public Health agencies here in the US, some which possess worldwide prominence and influence, will be peer reviewed annually.  And that a committee of established and respected epidemiologists outside the FederalPublic Health system, of front-line physicians and other qualified leaders from related fields, will be established to review and approve these peer reviews to ensure that Public Health leaders placed in positions of public trust, pass a test of commitment to do no harm; and will serve the American people, not corporate or national party interests or agendas. It is not too late.