Roots of Citizen's Rights

Andy Lausberg


You may have heard of recent developments in Australia, how the governments, both state and federal (both "left" and "conservative") are essentially going psychotic in how they are using the C19 situation and responding to it.

Consequently, the patriot movement and freedom movements in Australia are starting to pay more attention to the foundations of our rights, liberties and freedoms.

Unlike the USA, Australia does not have a constitution enacted by the People, but enacted by the British Parliament. We also do not have the same, clear delineation of our rights that the US constitution and Bill or Rights provides.

But what many of us are beginning to discover is that we are nonetheless heirs to the foundation of "common law", which in fact is the same foundations of the US constitution, which was written and designed based on the thought of people like Locke, and the foundations of freedom in British law.

For example, the Magna Carta - where for the first time in European history, the Lords got together and basically explained to the King that the King's capacity to make law comes not from the King himself, but from God's higher law.

This reflects the foundations of the British system of law that developed. Like the U.S. constitution, the foundations of law in Britain, in commonwealth countries, exist in scripture, in the ten commandments, in the bible.

This particular talk is by a fellow called Warren Black. He is a former lawyer, so he knows that system. It's worth a listen. (just ignore the rough language - I think he talks like this because he's simply honest and real).

Know Your Rights – Common Law Legal Notice Training

He talks about many things, including how the law foundations are rooted in scripture. This content is relevant also to other commonwealth countries.

I was inspired to share this with you after reading Richard's newsletter in which he writes:

"Exodus 22 speaks of the protection of private property and the proper punishments for those found guilty of theft. God promises the people of God the inheritances of the world. God is teaching the ethics of a community that owns private property."

I can see that this is part of moving towards the Cheon Il Guk (Heavenly Kingdom) world. When our nations remove the scourge of Corporate / Contract law from the inappropriate prominence it currently has, put it in its rightful place, and raise up the law foundation God has been building and revealing through Judeo-Christianity and through the True Parent.

A thought occurred to me: We understand through Kook Jin Nim's elucidating Freedom Society content about the relationship between the People and the Government being a parallel to the relationship between Adam and the Archangel, or more widely humanity as God's children and the archangelic realm that is manifest via governments.

I have seen some content about corporate law, etc., over the past year or two (or four) - I couldn't quite get my head around it - not enough data and information.

But it seems relevant, because police officers, for example, who are employees of a city, can only function as employees because the city itself exists in corporate form.  This is unlike Sheriffs (if I understand correctly) who are elected by the people.

Anyway, it seems to me that there is a parallel between the common law (which probably finds its best formal expression so far in the US constitution, but which still exists elsewhere, nonetheless) / corporate law duality and Adamic law / Angelic Law.

I think that even US citizens will find value in this content as the foundations are the same. Probably even MORE relevant to citizens of Cheon Il Guk, because we have a better idea in general as to what direction God's world is heading.

This entire area is yielding many insights for Australia freedom fighters.  

Another worthwhile interview:

The Christian Foundations of the Common Law

Last year, I found myself becoming quite envious of Americans, because of the U.S. constitution. Now, I am discovering that although Australia is not quite as close, we are also heirs to the same foundation.

Peace and Strength,

Andy Lausberg