Rod of Iron Freedom Festival Day 1 Speech

Rev. Sean Moon


Good morning patriots and freedom loving people made in the image of God! We are honored and pleased to have you at the beautiful Kahr Arms property, celebrating America, the Second Amendment, and the culture of armed, responsible citizens.  

According The Young Turks, this is a fully semi-automatic belt fit that could get you a thousand rounds in half a second!  

I also want to acknowledge the planning committee and all our friends and their families who made this event possible. Also we are happy to be joined here with other freedom fighters from around the world, who are fighting in their respective countries for a Second Amendment that we enjoy and often take for granted here in the United States.

I’d like to give credit to all the freedom fighters in different countries; they are also standing up for their natural rights to self- defense. (Applause) “The right to keep and bear arms is a natural right,” as our Framers stated, and it is a human right; and all human beings should have the right to self-defense against tyranny.

We celebrate freedom this day, because in 1950, my father, the Reverend Sun Myung Moon, was freed from a North Korean death camp by U.S. forces while he was in prison and scheduled for execution for preaching the Gospel. It is good men with guns that stopped bad men with guns that led to my father’s freedom, without which myself or my brother would not be here today.

We deeply thank God for the good people with guns that seek to defend others, because you make our world safer and better! (Applause)

This Freedom Festival is named ‘The Rod of Iron Freedom Festival’ because in the Bible, the rod of iron symbolizes God’s reign over evil, and dominion of the earth. The rod of iron is the accoutrement that judges the wicked and the criminal classes, and ‘shatters the nations into pieces like the potter’s vessel’. God’s kingdom depicts a decentralized armed society that is in the image of ‘the chief Shepherd,’ 1 Peter 5: 4.

The shepherd’s hook, staff is to catch and rein in his sheep from harm, and the shepherd’s rod is to punish the wolves and predators that seek to kill his sheep. In the same way, the rod of iron, that is given to the believers in Christ, allows the good guys to have arms, to defend the sheep and to punish the wicked when needs be. (Applause)  

Evil in the heart of man will always need to be warned against, because God has given man free will, and he can chose good or he can chose evil. It is for this reason that God makes his people kings to rule with Him in ‘coheirship’ (Romans 8:17) to collectively defend the Kingdom of God, from the predator class that lusts for absolute power.  

Jesus is not the effeminate castrated Jesus that we see depicted in stained-glass windows, or we may have heard of in Sunday school. He is the perfect man, God Himself in the flesh that as a loyal son and soldier, gave his life for you and me. And we ask that you make him the Lord of your life, and be forever transformed. (Applause)

When we think of the biblical God, we may not think of arms or weapons, but Jehovah God Himself in Genesis is the creator of the first weapon in the Bible, as He arms the Cherubim to defend the east side of the Garden of Eden, from fallen men and their new master Lucifer.  

In John chapter 2, we see that Jesus is an assault weapon’s manufacturer; he manufactured a scourge, a nine tail whip with blades on the end, for the express purpose of assaulting the money changers in the Temple.  

In Luke 22:36, Jesus states to his disciples, “Sell your cloak and buy a sword,” a military grade weapon which civilians could not own.  

This is the Jesus of the Founding Fathers, and this is the Jesus that saved and secured America from tyranny! (Applause) Amen! I will argue that the Founding Fathers of America freed us from an evil satanic king who loved big government, and allowed us, the citizens of America, to become kings over our own lives and property, and collectively be armed to protect and check and balance one another. After all as the saying goes: ‘an armed society is a polite society’

Ten reasons why the Founding Fathers made us kings:

1-Number 1:

Historically, kings differ from slaves and servants. Kings historically had a divine right, inalienable rights and natural rights. Kings own their territory and have a sovereign kingdom. Kings can have weapons and armed forces to defend that territory. Historically across all cultures, slaves could not own property or weapons or have right.

The Founding Fathers gave us the right of kings that only monarchs and kings enjoy!

2-Number 2:

America is a Judeo-Christian civilization! (Applause) Amen! This is not a jihadist or islamicist country; it is a Judeo-Christian civilization! In a study reviewing all American political literature from 1768 to 1805, the Bible was referenced more than any European writer, or school of thought, such as Enlightenment, liberalism, or republicanism. 98% of the founding generation was affiliated with Protestant Christianity that protested the centralized nature of the Catholic Church and /or the centralized nature of the governments of Europe.  

The Bible says that, “Jesus Christ the faithful witness, and the first begotten of the dead, and the prince of the kings of the earth has loved us, and washed us from our sins by his own blood, and hath made us kings and priests” Rev 1: 5( Applause)      

The Bible says, “We are heir with God and co-heirs with Christ, the Creator of the universe,

Romans 8:17                                                                                                                                                            

The Bible Scripture states, “We shall rule the nations with a rod of iron and dash them to pieces as a potter’s vessel” in Psalm 2

Thus, the experiment in self-government and rulership begins with the Judeo-Christian ethic of following the ideal man, Jesus Christ, and governing and ruling ourselves first!

3- Number 3:

In America, the government must serve the people, not vice-versa! Government officials are to be public servants, not public masters. There is to be one set of laws for all. ‘We, the people,’ chose our leaders and should have the power to dethrone them as well. We are not a democracy!

James Madison stated that “democracies have even been spectacles of turbulence and contention, have ever been incompatible with personal security or the rights of property, and have in general been as short in their lives as they have been violent in their deaths.”  

John Adams wrote that, “democracy never lasts long; it soon wastes exhaust and murders itself.

There was never a democracy yet, that did not commit suicide.

Thomas Jefferson stated that “a democracy is nothing more than mob rule where 51% may take away the rights of the other 49.”

4-Number 4:

In America, we are a republic, which has an electoral college, which insures that individuals elected to the presidency don’t only have the support of the population- heavy coast, but broad support throughout the entire country. (Applause) We also have a senate where each state is represented equally, irrespective of population size or prestige. We also have a Supreme Court, where the court members are given life-time appointments, by presidents elected via the Electoral College, not the general voters, and are not subject to democratic oversight or elections.  

Thus, these checks and balances help protect our sovereign rights as citizens and as kings.  5-Number 5:

In America like a king, we are innocent until proven guilty by a jury of our peers!

In the 18th century, Sir William Blackstone wrote:”the truth of every accusation must be confirmed by the unanimous suffrage of twelve of his equals and neighbors, indifferently chosen and superior to all suspicion. Entrusting plenary powers over the life and liberty of a citizen to one judge, or a group of judges is dangerous. Community participation in the determination of guilt or innocence is essential to our criminal justice system. This was to protect the citizens from false accusations or political targeting.”

6-Number 6:

In America, like a king, we own ourselves and we own our labor; we are not the property of the state! (Applause) Our Founding Fathers adored the writings of English theologian and political theorist John Locke.  

Thomas Jefferson stated that, Locke was “among the trinity of greatest men the world had even produced!”  

John Quincy Adams pronounced that,”the Declaration of Independence was founded on one and the same theory of government expounded in the writings of Locke. “

John Locke, the theologian argues that, “we, human beings in the state of nature, own our own bodies, and thus the fruit of our labors produced by our bodies. These fruits of our labors become our private property, as it would have remained an unused and un-accessed part of nature. Thus, private property is a right, derived from our labor, and it’s not a right given to us by bureaucracy or government. Private property is not a social convention; it is a natural right, required for survival.”

Subsequently, in America, we did not have these government taxes, which were seen as a forcible theft of our labor, because we own our bodies that produce the resources that are stolen forcibly by taxation. (Applause)  

In America there was no income tax until 1913; for 137 years Americans kept what they made!

7-Number 7:

In America, like a king, we have the freedom to interact and transact with whom we chose! Economic interaction must not be based on cohesion, i.e. taxes or monopolies colluding with government. In other countries – you see we are from North Korea, freed by the U.S. troops and our family was able to survive and came to America- in other countries, the government has total control of economic realities, like production, money supply, interest rates, etc… Before the Federal Reserve Act in 1914, the U.S. enjoyed the world’s most free economic arrangement, where governments did not pick and chose winners, but rather, individual customers determined winners, “The customer is king!”We heard that many times growing up.  

Freedom in the markets is essential for a moral society, as it does not use force to initiate trade, and it allows people to earn their happiness and success, pre-designed in a mutually beneficial manner, and in the end the competition of producers makes for higher quality and lower priced goods and services.  

So, like kings, we have the freedom to transact with whom we chose. In North Korea, you don’t have that, folks, and neither in China!

8-Number 8:

In America, the citizens have more guns than the government! In other parts of the world, government has the majority of guns. Guns are a tool of power. Mao Zedong stated that, “All political power comes from the barrel of a gun.” Communists and those who believe in government like a religion know that they must monopolize the use of deadly force, to coerce people to obey their tariffs, taxes and unconstitutional laws.  

The Second Amendment allows for citizens to have the last means of defense, not to hunt or recreationally shoot, but to throw off a tyrannical government, by being able to organize and create local militias and citizens’ armed forces. (Applause)

The Second Amendment states that,”A well-regulated militia being necessary for a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.” (Applause)  

This right to armaments is the ability to organize in groups as capable armed citizens. It is a right that only kings enjoyed historically. There is no other country in the world with such an armed civilian class. In America, the citizen is a sovereign individual, like a king, that can protect his kingdom, and collectively with other citizen kings, can protect the country from enemies foreign and domestic. (Applause)

9-Number 9:

In America we have a castle doctrine, where the citizen is legally a king that can defend his castle. Despite the retreat laws, that have encroached on the books, originally the law saw a  citizen as a king, and he had the right to his private property, and thus had a right to defend his castle with deadly force if that was the only way to solve an onslaught or a violent takeover of his castle.

Although we, Americans, are not accustomed to thinking of ourselves as citizen kings, the

Bible and Founding Fathers outline rights that only kings could have. (Applause) 10-Number 10:

In America, God gives us our rights; not government! (Applause)  

Thomas Jefferson submitted for use on the Seal of the United States the phrase:” Resistance to tyrants is obedience to God!”(Applause)  

America protected the natural rights that a loving Father, the Creator God, bestowed upon his children. In the Garden of Eden God gave dominion of the world to his children, not to Lucifer! (Applause) The ideal of God’s creation is that his children be fruitful, multiply and have dominion over the earth. The Bible speaks of the right of believers in Christ to also rule the angels, and the nations in a poimoino rule, or shepherd-like rule.  

But right now, our country is in a tremendous chaos and under attack. The radical leftists are treasonously indoctrinating our children into communism. They are trying to impeach a duly elected president, for crimes they committed, and are trying to overturn our connection to Jesus and Judeo-Christian ethics, and place us under the rule of global governance, ruled by the elites of the world, the U.N., radical Islam, communism; you name it! If we do not awaken to our sovereignty and godly kingship, this nation and the world, will fall into the hands of the wicked, and darkness will rule over this world.

But, Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever. He is the Great Shepherd that will empower his flock to become shepherds made in his image, to reign with him, and rule the nations with the Rod of Iron, to free those who are oppressed by sin and by Satan, and to liberate slaves to become kings for his glory!

Welcome to the Rod of Iron Freedom Festival, folks! God bless you, and God bless America!