Project Save the Children

Marie Koh

Marie Koh


There is much work to do concerning human sex trafficking and the porn industry; however, other areas within this field of atrocities need to be addressed and are equally horrendous if not more threatening to humanity.

The Futurist, Transhumanists, and Leftists don’t care about the human soul or the human body. They see humanity as a useless utensil wasting time and space. Since they are rich and powerful, they can dominate this world with their religion, science, and theories which are all demonic by nature since the root of their faith stems from Lucifer the fallen angel. 

They see themselves as gods who can do with us whatever they want. Hence why slavery, human trafficking, and war are so widespread. Chaos is their oasis, they thrive in the demise of others and will stop at nothing to fulfill their goals, namely, post-humanism, a world where humans and animals merge, humans with machines to transcend human limitations through genetic enhancement, altering the body’s DNA and function to become post human.If you’ve ever watched the Terminator movies, some scenes reveal their ominous plans; they are hell-bent on accomplishing what they started centuries ago.

The Deep State, Cabal, Globalist, or whatever one wants to call them have had programs in place for years to advance their plans for the future. One of them is MKULTRA which we’ve all heard of by now.Mind-altering technology is used by the CIA and other undercover agencies operating worldwide. The research originated from the Nazis before World War II when children and adults were experimented on in the concentration camps. Adolf Hitler was obsessed with mind control and strived to use it for population control through chemical agents, the medical field, media, entertainment, taxes, religion, education, and police brutality. 

Philosopher and strategist, Sun Tzu, explained that the best way to win a war was by controlling the thoughts of the enemy. Indeed, today mind-control technology has become highly sophisticated and complex and its purpose is to turn a human being into a slave. 

There are 2 unclassified types of mind-control technologies:trauma-based and electronic-based. The latter became the chosen method in the1950s because it could be “installed” in a person within days or hours whereas the trauma-based technique could take years. The earliest children implicated in this program were the Montauk Boys

The project operated in an underground facility under Fort Hero, in Montauk, Long Island, New York; it was known as the Montauk Project. According to a survivor, 25 other such facilities were operational. Tens and thousands of American young boys were kidnapped and forced into the program in 1976 who, after programming became “sleepers” that could be activated on request, once “triggered” by a code managed by a handler, these mind-controlled individuals would then execute their disruptive assignment which could entail anything from assassinations, school shootings, human trafficking, prostitution, drugs, infiltrating government positions, mainstream media, Hollywood, journalism, the education system, judiciary, the police force, child care organizations, espionage, military and so on. 

Other programs associated with mind control that involve children are MKNAOMI, Project BLUEBIRD, Project PANDORA, Project ARTICHOKE, and ProjectMONARCH. Many children experienced brutal abuse after being trafficked or kidnapped off the streets of America and from other institutions such as orphanages and childcare providers.

Experts believe, at leastone million children went missing yearly; however, the FBI and the CIA did not track missing persons efficiently at the time and claimed the numbers were muchlower.

According to these reports, children were herded into iron cages stacked from floor to ceiling under military bases across the United States. These children witnessed the murder of otherchildren, and endured torture, rape, mutilation, and drug experimentation aspart of their “training”. Many died, and the few that survived the horror lived in constant fear of being captured and brought back into the program or killed.

PTSD, health, and mental issues plaguesurvivors, yet despite all that, some have dared to step out and exposeAmerica's decades-long slavery. Survivors such as Cathy O’Bryan, who was partof Project MONARCH, and Brice Taylor (also known as Susan Ford), an MK ULTRAsurvivor, went public and told their stories at the risk of their lives and thelives of their loved ones.  

Let us pray for those who fight the good fight against theprincipalities of this world. May the Lord grant them strength and protectionin all they do. We thank the brave men and women who put themselves in harm'sway to defend and protect the innocent, the little ones who cannot fend forthemselves.

 Jesus Christ said in Matthew 18:6, “But whoso shall offend one ofthese little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstonewere hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in thedepth of the sea.”

Matthew 18:10-11, “Take heed that ye despise not one of these littleones; for I say unto you, that in heaven their angels do always behold the faceof my Father which is in heaven. For the Son of man is come to save that whichwas lost.”


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