Forgive Thy Father!

Alexander Gaigg

Alexander Gaigg


We have all been frustrated by the complexities of life and not been able to find the simple solutions that could easily dispel the falsities that we encounter on a daily basis. Would God create such a life for you? For what purpose would the creator of a finitely-ordered and harmonious universe create a troublesome life for you?

There is an answer. God is your Father and you are His child. Beings can only be created through procreation - which is done through the love of parents and the miracle of creation. We could not be creators ourselves. If it were so, we would not only be parents to our children but also parents to our parents, which could never be. We are co-creators. God has created your child with you, being the ultimate creator of the universe and your daily life.

Parents who have children raise them for no reason but to give love to them; with the desire to also receive love from their children. This is the law of the give and receive action that perpetuates throughout the universe. Someone or something wants to give to another, and thus creates it to do so. There would be no other purpose to creation other than the desire to give to that creation. 

God is a creator, who created human beings to be His children. Since children are created from love, God desired to give love to His children. God is then a parent and you are His child. This act of creation is performed under the law of give and receive action, which states that in order to give, there must be someone or something to receive what is to be given. When looking at the purpose of our lives, asking why we are created, it is easy to point to the source of creation, God, as a being that wished to give something to you and I. Again, what other purpose is there to create other than to give?

Then why is God our Father and not also our Mother? This is then a dualistic understanding of God describing Him as two beings, where He is not two, but one. A being can only be one, not two. If God were to have two separate identities that would mean God would be two different beings. God is only one being, just as every person has only one identity. Then how can God, a Father, have created us? Where is the mother?

In the Divine Principle, we expand on the knowledge of the Christian faith that God is our Father by saying that He is our Father who is a being with dual characteristics. That is, He is a being of both masculine and feminine qualities. Within him is the harmony of masculine and feminine, where masculinity takes subjectivity and femininity takes objectivity. This means, that you can receive feminine love from God, but He is referred to as our Father, since it is this quality that takes the subjective role.

Between two objects, there has to be at least one that is subject to the other, or else we do not know who is the prime giver in any relationship. This is how the law of give and receive action works. There is a subject who gives to an object. Of course, the roles can switch, but there will always be a permanent subject and permanent object. If these roles were not designated in the beginning, then the law of give and receive action could not take place, no creation could be created, and life would not be. There would be no existence. This law is vital to all aspects of not just living life, but actually having life.

God created us with the law of give and receive action, as this came from His own being between the dual characteristics of masculinity and femininity, within Himself. The masculine aspect of God is subject to the feminine aspect of God, and thus we call God, our Father, and not our Mother. This supports the Christian understanding of God being our Father, although very much so in our daily lives we can feel a motherly love from God. This can be viewed in the family.

The father may at times instruct the children on what is right and wrong, and at times provide his children with nourishment and comfort. The mother is usually portrayed as the nourisher and comforter of the family and the father makes sure all rules are abided by, but sometimes the mother must instruct her child on what is right and wrong. These alternating roles may occur, but it does not change the initial subject-object relationship of masculine to feminine. There has to have been established roles in order for life to function according to how it was created.

And if a loving family wished to have created loving children, then why would God have created you other than to love you? Forgive your Father, for it was not His will that you live in misery. Forgive Him and be free of the hurt that you believed your Father let happen. A loving father would never harm his child, but only do what he believes is right to instruct his child to live according to the law of give and receive action: to give love and receive love. When a child does not abide by this law, then love does not abound, and mistakes are made. Mistakes of all kinds.

Forgive your father. He only wished and still wishes the best for you. God is there always. He is Your Father and My Father. Believe in His love for you and see that He can right the wrongs in your life. If God is the ultimate cause of creation, and has been since the beginning of time, would He not be ready now to come to you and give you the answer you are looking for? He is always ready. Forgive Our Father and let Him come into your heart. He is ready to show you the love that you have always needed and wanted. This is the law of the give and receive action, which He abides by too because that is How he could create and be able to give and receive love with you, too.

Here is creation once again; when father and child are reunited. This is truth, because creation was created with a purpose - and that is to be in oneness through love. This love is the parent-child relationship. God created you for this purpose. Let Him come down to you now and fill your heart. Forgive Him. All He wanted to do was to be in living oneness with you!