Concerns about Covid-19 Vaccines

Chantal Roberston, MD


The coronavirus or crown virus has been known since 1960. Flu, cold sore, chicken pox, shingles are all due to coronavirus. It is a real invader. It cannot reproduce by itself, only inside the cell of a host.

The coronavirus we have now is a potential biological weapon produced in Wuhan, China, originally as a bat SARS type coronavirus. It was then manipulated in a laboratory to become virulent through segments of HIV and malaria incorporated in the spike proteins on the surface of the virus, and contagious through the spike proteins able to integrate with human cell receptors and penetrate into the cells, with the capacity of transmission across species.

According to reports in the EpochTimes magazine, in mid-January 2020, the Chinese laboratory team released and publicized the genome sequence (DNA sequence) of SARS-Cov-2 (Covid-19), because the virus started spreading in China and the world, and no one knew the sequence nor could take prevention measures against it.Then it was prohibited and the information about samples, related papers and data were all censored by the Chinese government.    

The Covid-19 virus is a strand ofDNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) and messenger RNA (ribonucleic acid) carrying genetic material and wrapped around a string of protein. Both RNA and DNA are nucleic acids, essential molecules in the cells, carrying genetic information.DNA is for storage and transfer of information, RNA acts as a messenger betweenDNA and ribosomes to make proteins.  

Anti-viral vaccines until now have been the traditional protein-based vaccines, as in polio and flu, which consist in injecting viral proteins from dead or attenuated viruses, to create an immune response from the body.

The main Covid vaccines, also called gene therapy, include mRNA vaccines such as those created by Moderna (USA) andPfizer/BioNTech, (USA/Germany), and DNA vaccines, such as those fromOxford/AstraZeneca (UK-Swedish) and Johnson and Johnson (USA).

The mRNA vaccine consists in an injection of messenger RNA into your cells, giving them the genetic code of Covid 19, necessary to make the spike proteins (viral proteins) potentially immunising the body (creating antibodies).  DNA and mRNA vaccines deliver the nucleic acids on their own, or encapsulate them in lipid carrier molecules called nano-particles, a sort of nanoscopic experimental medical device, enabling the implantation of mRNA into the cells.    

Engineers can now design strands of mRNA on computers, guided by algorithms that predict which combination of letters will produce a viral protein just the right shape to push the human body into producing protective antibodies.  As soon as they have access to a new pathogen’s genome (in this case the DNA sequence of Covid-19), they useit as a template that contains the information to make the viral-protein, creating hundreds or thousands of mRNA snippets, each one a potential vaccine.These vaccines are simply chemicals catalysed in test tubes or tanks, quick and easy to make.

This type of vaccine has never been used before. This experiment on humankind could have the effect of altering the function of your genetic system. Usually, RNA is naturally coded inside the cell, but in making the Covid vaccines, the RNA is artificially coded in the laboratory with a message for a person’s genetic system (DNA). This mRNA is then injected into a person’s cells, hacking or forcing the genetic system (DNA) to produce, in your own cells, the spike proteins representing Covid, which contain segments of HIV, turning your cells into Covid-producing machines. The concern is that these spike proteins will then trigger your immune system to create antibodies of a wrong kind, called ‘binding’ antibodies, which will let the Covid virus take hold instead of neutralizing it.

This process will not destroy nor change your DNA, but it will change its function. The function of your DNA is to produce good proteins for your body, not to create Covid-19 viruses for immunity’s sake! If you produce too many you will be ill and possibly die. The efficacy of these genetic vaccines is highly hypothetical, even in the domain of science-fiction. Furthermore, there is a serious danger of severe side effects, even death, as we hear constantly on the news, and a total lack of proper clinical trials.

Several pharmaceutical companies(Pfizer, Moderna, Bio NTech, Astra Zenecka of the Oxford vaccine, Johnson andJohnson…) are pushing these chemical poisonous cocktail vaccines which will affect the genetics of people, changing the function of the DNA irreversibly, and possibly causing all sorts of adverse reactions in the body, including possible infertility by triggering an immune reaction against the syncytin protein (an essential component of the placenta), as well as possible deformations and mutations in future generations.

There are also risks of auto-immune responses from the body (excess inflammation, allergies, auto-immunity) which could occur several years after vaccination. This auto-immune response means that the immune system does damage to the host, such that the antibodies created, will potentially start attacking all the organs of your body that have these spike proteins, and destroy the organs leading to death. This is called a cytokine storm due to the vaccine.

The vaccine also could contain toxic adjuvants to activate the immune system, such as aluminium and mercury. (It also could contain ‘abortion-tainted material’ from aborted babies clone cells.)  

The messenger RNA is surrounded by nanoparticles to protect it and facilitate its penetration into the cell. These nanoparticles will continue to exist in the human brain for years, even decades after vaccination, causing severe problems. Others have expressed concern that through nanotechnology you could become a genetically-modified human organism, and the vaccine could be used to control, track and trace, and potentially harm a massive part of the population, if used by a totalitarian government.

These Covid vaccines could turn out to be far more dangerous than the disease itself. Covid 19 is about as serious as flu, for which we have never even panicked or locked down!

This so-called gene therapy does not have proper clinical trials, so people receiving these vaccine injections would be in fact participants of a clinical trial, used as guinea-pigs, without remuneration or in some countries any human rights to refuse the vaccine. Why even risk vaccinating people in good health against something which has a very low mortality for the vast majority of the population and has practically disappeared as “herd immunity” is reached in several countries anyway?  It does not make sense unless it is part of a certain political agenda. Beware! Given all of these unanswered questions, we must refuse it categorically, if we want to survive and live healthy lives as well as ourfuture generations, and not give in to intimidation, threat, or guilt shame from our governments.  

I would like to cite Dr. Mike Yeadon, the former vice-president of Pfizer (UK) and their chief scientist for respiratory and allergy.  He declares:

“The pandemic is over and can be easily handled by a properly functioning NationalHealth Service. Consequently, the country should immediately be permitted to return to normal life. There is danger with the new unproven mRNA technology(20% injury rate), both promoted by Pfizer and Moderna USA. They are both using brand new technology with the mRNA that has never been used in a vaccine before, and they are pushing this through in a matter of months of testing rather than the typical 4-6 years.”

Robert Kennedy (nephew of former US president John F Kennedy) has been raising awareness about vaccines injuring children for decades, and he singled out Pfizer and three other leading developers of corona-vaccines, namely, Glaxo UK, Sanofi France and Merck USA, as “convicted serial felons.”

Finally, Bill Gates is well known asa promoter of vaccines worldwide. He is certainly not a medical scientist likeLouis Pasteur. He is simply the third richest man in the world (worth $ 132billion), who gives billions of dollars to the World Health Organisation, in order to finance worldwide distribution of vaccines and also to finance abortion in third world countries (for the purpose of reducing or limiting world population). He believes that by doing this, he will be recognized as a world famous philanthropist!

Chantal Robertson MD, May 7, 2021

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Professeur Luc Montagnier, French virologist, Nobel Prize Winner, 2008 : "Covid 19 is a human manipulation.Part of the virus's genome is made of HIV. The mRNA vaccine could cause cancer.It is non-ethical to make people die with these vaccines, or in the next generations."

Professeur Christian Perrone, MD,PHD, Specialist of Infectious and Tropical Diseases, hospital de Garche ParisFrance: "Mortality of Covid: 0.05%. With these vaccines we play the sorcerer's apprentice. The vaccines they are offering us are not vaccines, they are gene therapy products. They inject nucleic acids that will cause our own cells to produce elements of the virus. Mankind will be the first guinea pigson earth. If the cell produces too many viral particles in your body, it is dangerous. It can modify our chromosomes, our genes, and transmit anomalies to our children. We must categorically refuse the vaccine. It is a sort of sanitary dictatorship. No human rights. Vaccines are put above medical science.The authorities are in delirium."

Dr Louis Fouché, Docteur Anesthésiste, Marseille, France: "Covid mortality is very low. There must be a balance between the benefit and the risk of these vaccines. There is no research on the secondary effects of the vaccine.  The messenger RNA(mRNA) goes into your cells which become a “kitchen” producing the viral particles potentially immunizing. You might produce too many and you will be ill or die, or you don't produce enough and it is worthless....”  

Prof Didier Raoult, an eminent virologist, IHU Méditerranée, Marseille, France: "This vaccine is science-fiction.  There is nothing scientific about it. You get thev accine but you continue transmitting the virus. We don't know if it gives you any immunity, or how long it lasts. We do not know anything. This disease has a low mortality.  It is best to treat the patients."

As French Virologist, Dr Alexandra Henrion Caude, said: "The so-called Covid vaccine is not a vaccine, not even a gene therapy, it is simply an injection of the Covid 19 genetic code into the human cells, in other words, a sort of experimental genetic vaccine.  It does not provide much immunity, because the antibodies produced by the vaccine do not neutralize the Covid virus, but rather facilitate the Covid viral infection. The antibodies generated recognize and bind to the virus, but are unable to prevent the infection. This phenomenon is called ADE, Antibodies Dependent Enhancement.  Instead these antibodies act as a Trojan horse, allowing the pathogen into the cells and exacerbate the immune response.  A good vaccine would produce ‘neutralizing’ antibodies, not ‘binding’ ones.

As Prof Montagnier says: "We are caught in a vicious cycle: you are in a Covid 19 virus pandemic, you take the vaccine; then mutant viruses start appearing; you take a new vaccine; new mutants appear; you take another new vaccine, etc., until you collapse. Luc Montagnier, prix Nobel de médecine, écrit au Présidentd’Israël :il faut suspendre la vaccination

Dr Mike Yeadon, former vice-president of Pfizer, UK, thinks that mutants are a lie, and don't exist.  He says: "There is a strong possibility that we are dealing with an attempt at massive depopulation of the earth. The idea and application of repeated and forced mRNA vaccines will lead to unnecessary and dangerous injections of the Covid genetic code". He adds: "Biotechnology offers unlimited means to weaken or kill millions of people.  Vaccines could contain elements which attack the liver or kidneys of people". L'ancien vice-président de Pfizer : "Les gouvernements vousmentent et préparent le dépeuplement massif" - 

Opposing vaccinations, geneticist and immunologist Prof Dolores Cahill of Dublin University in Ireland, said:“Politicians and the media are using Covid 19 as a fear-mongering propaganda tool, to try and take away rights from people, and to make them more sick by forcing vaccinations on them.”

US attorney, Ana Garner from NewMexico, had her first court case against mandatory vaccination. She said “There is no public health emergency, we have to stand our ground and not capitulate to authority. This is a dangerous product. We have the right to choose what goes into our body”.

Moreover, according to Prof Luc Montagnier and Prof Rudolf Jaenisch, molecular biologist, we cannot exclude the integration of RNA-SARS Covid-2 (Covid19), into the human genome (reproductive cells), through the DNA, which means its transmission to future generations, and a change of the human species.

In conclusion these mRNA vaccines, apart from lacking a real vaccinal protection, will have short term serious adverse reactions (allergies, auto-immune responses, cytokine storms, infertility), but also long term effects such as a risk of integration of Covid 19 genetic code into the human genome, which will affect future generations as well.  In view of such uncertainty, it is better to abstain from taking these dangerous injections.